The Story 0f Ewbok

*The text of this story was written as a letter to Jim Carrey.

My name is Andrew.  A few years ago, I perceived my life was in turmoil.  Everyone told me it was and of course, I believed them. My girlfriend decided she loved her billiards partner, my apartment was turned into an Airbnb, I was relieved of my job, and my friends had faded away until sunnier days.  Negative self-talk fed the cycle of depression strengthening It’s destructive Grip on my life.  Outside my blanketed window, the Colorado sun was shining.  I could hear people going about their lives not knowing about my darkness in #318.  I have been to this movie before. I knew that self-medicating with Bourbon and Kush would not help so I hid in my apartment, gripped my mug of tea and waited it out.  ‘All things must pass’ George Harrison said, and I struggled to believe it. 

The day was rapidly approaching for me to move.  I hadn’t found a new place to live or space to be yet.  The cloud I had put over my head made sure my friends weren’t home when I called.  The solitude began to solidify like cement around my legs.  One night, I came across a movie called The Way with Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen about the pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago.  By the time the movie was over I had my ticket to Barcelona.  I felt like I was given a mission, but I didn’t know what it was.   What I couldn’t sell I packed into a storage locker. My landlord, happy to see me go, drove me to the airport.  As I stepped over the threshold into the plane, I felt something change. 

The cloud didn’t fit through the door.

The Universe is a strange Entity.  It knows how and when to bring You Your message.  I walked the Camino with the intent of helping pilgrims. I watched as they suffered their bad shoes, ill-fitting equipment and the demons nipping at their heels.  The Camino teaches us We carry our worries and lives in our backpacks.  Worries we couldn’t leave behind for fear they would change, we carried along the pilgrimage, secretly hoping they might change.  Many pilgrims just needed someone to talk to and share in their pains.  Someone to hold their hand and listen.  I forgot about the newly engaged girlfriend and realized my apartment had kinda sucked, but what was the reason for the journey?  Maybe even the reason for my life.  I have no family or children and live/work alone and have always wondered why I was here.  Was living just enough to have a life? Or did I have a special purpose?

  The Spiritual apex of the Camino is called the Cruz Ferro, the iron Cross.  It is here that your intentions and prayers are manifest.  It is a quiet place on top of a hill.  The pole on which the cross sits is surrounded by a large mound of small stones.  Pictures of loved ones, letters and prayers all wind and sun faded, are tied to the pole giving the place a feeling of solemnity.  The tradition is to bring a stone from home and add it the mound, leaving something behind, asking for something, remembering ones who came before, and prayers for tomorrow.     

Looking back on my road traveled, I stood on the mound, weeping and lamenting. A kind man put his hand on my shoulder, quietly standing with me for a moment or two.  Eventually the stone fell from my hand and was lost in the rubble.  I walked around the mound to face the road not yet traveled.   Picking up a stone from the mound I held it in my outstretched hand and told the universe I was ready.  Ready to receive my message, my purpose, the thing that would keep open my heart.  I prayed for a partner in life, someone with whom I could share this experience of Life.  I prayed, really hard, and let the stone drop.  The moment passed and I stood and walking off the mound, I stopped short and added one selfish request.

‘Please God can she be a Deadhead.?  I figured if you are going to ask Right?

At the base of the hill I was sitting quietly letting the spiritually cathartic adrenaline flow through me, and I hear a voice from behind me. ’What do I do with this?”  I turn around and silhouetted in the sun, holding a stone in her hand, was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  I mumbled an inaudible reply.  She smiled curiously and walked up the hill.   A few hours later, my friend and I were walking down the path to the next town when we came across the woman, fiddling in her pack and humming a song…’…there’s nothing left to do but Smile Smile Smile…’  Something was coming.

.  It was Camino Love and for the next 14 days we walked together.   I realized that this amazing woman was incredibly insecure.  Insecure about herself, other people, men, and just about everything.  As we walked, I would say Don’t Worry Babe Everything will be ok.  It will all work out, I know it will, but she persisted.  A few days later, I was walking down the path and it hit me.

Everything Will Be OK…..hhmmm  EWBOK!

  Would we find good food..’EWBOK Baby”.  Would the people in the hostels snore..”EWBOK baby.” Would I turn out to be another dud in her life..’EWBOK baby.’  But when we were present with each other, the nights we spent together and the openness we shared left an indelible mark.  It was the first time I had relaxed into someone without fear.  The universe had sent a messenger that I would truly take into my Heart. 

The message would Change my life.

The trip ended with passionate tears and goodbyes filled with promises.  She was in Atlanta and I in Colorado, but all Adventures fade against the pale reality of the alarm clock sounding 6 am and life needing to be tended to.  We tried to get together, but IT was gone.  Love is real, fading away.

The message rumbled around in my head.  Was this what I am supposed to do?  What silliness! Everything will be ok …Indeed! Right!  What kind of fool would hatch a plan to tell people everything will be ok.  And Why? What can one knucklehead do to change the world?

Life opens up opportunities to You,

 You either take them or you stay afraid of taking them.

                                                                                           J Carrey

Three years ago I decided I was just that fool.  One man cannot change the world(Ghandi, MLK, Freddie Mercury etc.. Excluded).  Can one person make this moment better? Could the act of giving and listening change the world for the better? Even if just for a moment?  That’s when it started, EWBOK was born.

  I took the first steps, not knowing where my feet would land. I knew I would be OK. The Universe would Conspire in my Favor.    I realized it is the reason for our prayers.  We pray for our loved ones to be healthy, not to suffer, to come home us, for our salvation, enlightenment, presence or just a good pair of shoes.  We pray that the universe will conspire with our prayer and make everything OK.  Those two messages have become one message,  My Message,  found through love. 

Everything Will Be OK, The Universe Conspires in Your Favor.


The message Is life’s Journey.

  It is the Right message at the right Time.  It is what we need to hear. The ewbok is something to hold onto, the physical manifestation of a message direly needed today.

Ewboking has become my life and I trust that through the act of anonymously making and giving these flags, this message, the world can be a Better place.  I hope these flags bring you, and your friends, a little happiness.

One knucklehead Can change the world, just a little bit, one person, one minute at a time.

Thanks for listening, `





EWBOK (U-BOK)- Is the Message That Everything Will Be OK.

A Ewbok is the person who delivers the message.

AKA Ewbokian, a Ewbok-ist, Ewbok-inator.

‘ I knew he was a Ewbok-ist when he took the time to ask my name."

"These Ewbokians really know how to throw a party.’


The physical manifestation of the Ewbok message,

a flower, card, hugs, coffee for the guy behind you,

something hand made, anything positive,

is called the EWBOK.

’ have you seen my box of Ewboks ..?”

“‘I declare that boy just won’t stop playing with his Ewbok.’

“We’re going to Need A Bigger EWBOK.”


The action of delivering the Ewbok, in whatever form either ethereal or corporeal, is called



Of course, the person who just received the message has been



Ewbok State Line-  The line where the ewboking is happening.

Ewboking Makes the present good,

the past better,

The Future Story Positive.


After the Ewbokist,

Ewboks someone,

They Become a Ewbokie,


part of the Ewbok Nation.



if the Ewbokie,

the newbie Ewbokian,

decides to Ewbok someone else


just have a little faith that Everything will be OK,

They will be Living the Ewbok Life,


The Life of Ewbok.


Andrew Ewbok