Ewbok thought

Sitting here at the Bluegrass cafe, I look back at the last year of Ewbok and what the future holds for it. 2017 was a year of building and contemplation on this message and how to get it out to the folks who want to embrace it and the others who don’t know yet. Ewboklife has given and gift and Ewbok’d hundreds of people this year. The action of approaching someone, a stranger or a friend and simply hand them a gift of a card, a t shirt, and patch of cloth with everything will be OK printed on it, buying the guy behind you a coffee or just slowing down for the moment and listening. There have been many different responses and will continue range from gratitude to disbelief. There are some who look at the card and simply smile and nod their head and say.’ boy I needed that today...thank you..’ But I am already down the road to next Ewboking.
Although the names sound a little silly, the call to action of helping people is the main focus for this site as well as is to keep this message going and keep being able to give to someone a simple gift of a minutes’ respite. i imagine someone doing laundry at ten at night after the kids are asleep and the house is clean, reaching into the back-pocket of the jeans worn last weekend and find the Blue Ewbok Card. I hope they would smile for that one minute and that is what this is about. We can’t change the big picture stuff, but at the personal one on one level a lot can be done. In Ewboking you can find an analog existence that brings you forward into the light and away from the scrim and distance of the electronic world. People respond to a kind word and that is where we will make a difference.
This Ideas is not a new one. The success stories we hear are ones about people working with people to inspire confidence and know the boundless nature of the Universe. The Universe truly does conspire in our favor, and the more we put positive energy into the world, the more the Light expands. The images and products found on this site and the site are meant to communicate the message in a thougtful way. We are not political and do not bring forward images or messages that don’t exude a positive message. The Tree of Life with growth on top and deep roots below. Hiking boots at the ready for adventure, and meditator bring forth the light that shines from inside of us are images and messages that encourage a positive outlook.
Each of the product and images are press from hand cut blocks. Each print is done by hand and is a piece of art. The print colors change as the day goes one, they mix and blend to make a unique print.
By purchasing the t shirt and wall hangings you can help me continue with this journey and make the world a better place, if just for a moment.
So, there it is. A simple way to change the world one person at a time, one minute at a time. Thanks Andrew